iMRS PEMF Super Bumper February Promo 2019 extended
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Did you miss the Super Bumper Promo on  iMRS Devices ?

If you have been thinking of Investing in the BEST PEMF Device in the World? Here is another chance!

We continue our February special for another month.

Get a iMRS Professional/Set for the price of the iMRS Complete/Set !

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With every iMRS Complete Set" order we automatically deliver at NO extra charge an an "iMRS Professional Set"!!

What is PEMF Therapy ?

"PEMF is a simple, fast, and effective way to improve the healing potential of each and every cell in your body. PEMF improves cellular metabolism with electromagnetic pulses at a frequency that is most recognized by our cells, reestablishing healthy cellular function, which ultimately leads to improved energy and capacity for healing! Each one of the 75 trillion cells in the human body is vibrating at a frequency that is creating homeostasis, or balance, within our system. The Earth has a natural electromagnetic pulse that all life forms rely on for growth and development of tissues such as bone. Research is now showing that this pulse has naturally decreased over the last thousands of years - too short a time for our genetics to become accustomed to. We are also surrounded by electro-smog from cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc. and this puts undue stress on our cells.

Each cell of the body has a wall around it. This wall functions to let nutrients, waste and water to move in and out of the cell. For the cell wall to maintain optimum "permeability" the frequency of that cell must be working from 70-90 mV for the organism to take in nutrients, get rid of waste, and produce energy. Research has shown that dysfunctional or unhealthy cells are functioning around 20-30 mV (cancer). This means the cell is not able to get rid of waste, take in the nutrients it needs, and thus energy production is markedly decreased. PEMFT improves cellular metabolism by pulsating at a frequency that is most recognized by our cells, and thus reestablishing healthy cellular function, which ultimately leads to improved energy and capacity for healing!"  
~ Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND

Basic actions of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy 
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Improving circulation
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Improving cell function
  • Helping the body to detoxify
  • Improving the uptake of nutrients
  • Balancing acupuncture meridians
  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing stress
  • Balancing the endocrine system
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Regenerating tissues

In this PROMO You will also get the following freebies
  1. Free lifetime membership of
  2. 1 Copy of PEMF The 5th Element of Health
  3. Five year warranty and lifetime of support over Phone/Email
Wishing you Health & Complete Wellness!

Warm Regards,

Sandeep Goswamy
The NewAge Inc
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The Science Behind Pulsed
Electromagnetic Field PEMF Therapy and iMRS

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